June 20 at noon: The Fifth Annual Porch Jazz Parade

The Fifth Annual Porch Jazz Parade takes place on Saturday June 20th at noon. This year the parade, lead by The Woodshed Orchestra, starts at the Boys & Girls Club at 559 Bagot St.  Read on for the full map and details.

Porch Jazz Parade, June 20th from noon-4pm 

  • Parade Band The Woodshed Orchestra
  • 12pm Skeleton Bones @ Boys & Girls Club (559 Bagot Street)
  • 1pm Sheesham & Lotus & Son @ 530 Bagot Street
  • 2pm Blue Swing Jazz Quartet @ 121 Raglan Street
  • 3pm Jonah Cristall-Clarke @ 13 Redan Street
  • 4pm The Soul Rebels @ Mainstage


Noon @ Boys and Girls Club, 559 Bagot Street

The “Skeleton Bones” are a Kingston-based group of four trombones. Made up of Taylor Donaldson, Andy Sparling, John Palmer and Sylvain Gagnon, the quartet has a broad repertoire of jazz, classical and popular music, including many original arrangements written especially for the group! The Skeleton Bones have performed in Kingston and the surrounding area since 2008, for Music In The Park concerts, educational events, private functions, and for music festivals, and the group is happy to be part of this year’s Skeleton Park Arts Festival!


1pm @ 530 Bagot Street

Sheesham and Lotus and Son have established themselves as an act that has it all, combining astounding musicianship and fearless grooves with a show that is dynamic and entertaining. At the core of the show is a repertoire based on their love of the American fiddle tune, joyously played with banjo and before long, a startling array of traditional and non-trad instruments make appearances. Tunes played on jaw-harps, gourd banjos and homemade instruments like the Contrabass HarmoniPhonium add depth and absurdity to their amazing sound, as they sing into their patented Sepia-phonic Mono-phone, an acoustical filter into which they project their voices in stupefying harmonies, while playing ragtime and blues in pleasing mono-phonic delivery.


2pm @ 121 Raglan street

Brant has been a steady working musician for more than forty years playing in various bands first in Ottawa and then later in Kingston. The common element in all his music is ‘swing’. “If it ain’t got that, it don’t mean a thing.” Born in Windsor, Sam’s family moved to Israel when he was 10. There, he studied piano and later on, the saxophone. Sam has been playing Jazz and blues in clubs and festivals all over the world for 25 years. Val has a passion for jazz that dates back to her early days with the busking duo Deuce.  She also has s a long musical history in the folk, blues, a cappella swing, and Motown  traditions.



3pm @ 13 Redan Street

Jonah Cristall-Clarke is a Canadian-born jazz pianist, composer, and arranger based in London, UK. In 2008 he became a member of the Toronto Jazz Orchestra. Over the years Jonah has performed alongside Canadian jazz notables Dave Young, Terry Clarke, Chase Sanborn, Henry Heillig, and Brian Barlow.  Jonah will be performing with local musicians Paul Clifford on bass and Rich Bannard on drums.


4pm @ Skeleton Park Main Stage

The Soul Rebels started with an idea – to expand upon the pop music they loved on the radio and the New Orleans brass band tradition they grew up on. They took that tradition and blended funk and soul with elements of hip hop, jazz and rock. The band has settled on an eight-piece lineup that can be heard on their international debut release Unlock Your Mind. The Soul Rebels built a career around an eclectic live show that harnesses the power of horns and drums in the party like atmosphere of a dance club.



The Woodshed Orchestra is a multi-headed celebration emancipation experience. With a five-piece horn section and full-ensemble vocals, this is not your everyday bar-band. It is a funky, uplifting, joyful ride every time. The Woodshed Orchestra was founded in 2005 by Dave Clark in order to celebrate friendship and love through music. Clark called upon some of the finest folks he knew from Toronto, Montreal and St. Catharine’s to make the gumbo boil and the people dance.



Porch Jazz is just one slice of the outstanding Skeleton Park Arts Festival. You can find full details on the festivities at the link below.