Oct 30: Peter Van Huffel’s Boom Crane at The Mansion

BoomCraneIMG_8320Kingston’s Peter Van Huffel returns to The Mansion with his new project, Boom Crane, and will be joined on stage by the Queen’s Jazz Ensemble!

Boom Crane: Peter Van Huffel (sax) / Michael Bates (bass) / Jeff Davis(drums)
Thursday October 30th, 9pm
The Mansion
Tickets $10 ($5 student pricing)

Take one listen to the joy and energy of this unpredictable band and try not to get caught up in the excitement. Boom Crane’s rough-and-tumble interplay meets in a place where everything is an option. They veer happily between wide open jazz, the swing tradition and heavy grooves. A trio of long time musical compatriots who play with intensity and fire; they take the music and manhandle it into unexpected shapes.

What is significant here is Boom Crane’s attitude, which is dutifully backed up by the band’s musicianship. They can navigate the sly time shifts of the swinging compositions “Automatic Vaudeville” and “Boom Crane,” the title track, both drawing from classic jazz but played with the reverence fitting a band of insurgents.

– AllAboutJazz review