Dec 13: Tone Deafestivus — Coat Cooke + Rainer Wiens / A Very Ayler Christmas 8pm @ The Artel

Tone Deafestivus: Coate Cooke + Reiner Weins / A Very Ayler Christmas
Tone Deafestivus: Coate Cooke + Reiner Weins / A Very Ayler Christmas

After a memorable festival of experimental music that took place in early November, Tone Deaf returns to present a bizarre spin-off one-time musical event for the holidays: Tone Deafestivus, a night of exploratory avant garde jazz artists from across the country. Come out to hear some fantastic world class jazz players at The Artel and make it a Tone Deafestivus to remember.



A glimpse into the Vancouver Jazz scene: Coat Cooke and Rainer Wiens are touring the country with a new release of improvisation called “High Wire.” Vancouver saxophonist Coat Cooke teams up with Montreal-based guitar/mbira-ist, Rainer Wiens, to produce a performance and release cheap viagra tablets that is “surreal and imaginative, evocative, the duo’s music is personal yet universal in its scope, its focus, its ability to listen, react and co-create.”


Bernard Stepien’s orchestra, comprised of some heavy hitters from Ottawa’s jazz circle, present an exercise in live mash-ups and tribute. The group fuses together traditional Christmas carols with the avant-garde hype the late saxophonist Albert Ayler. Stepien writes of his project, “It is now true alchemy with even sometimes a more scientific chemistry” and the Citizen describes it as “Christmas themes appended and rendered rustically rather than reverently.”


This show is happening on
Thursday, December 13th
@ The Artel, 205 Sydenham Street (corner of Queen and Sydenham)