Rubbaboo: Fridays at 5:30pm at the RCHA Club

Q: What do Miles Davis, Charlie Haden, Donald Fagen, Jimi Hendrix, Bubba’s Pizzeria, Burt Bacharach, Bobby Gentry, The Mahavishnu Orchestra, Steamwhistle Brewery, Anonymous, and Air Conditioning have in common?

A: They all contribute to RUBBABOO FRIDAYS @ THE RCHA CLUB 5:30-8:30
Rubbaboo, Fridays at the RCHA Club
Fridays at 5:30 at the RCHA Club
The Rubbaboo Online Pokies Trio
Cam (the sensitive one) Schaefer: piano and melodica
Bob (the intellectual) Arlidge: bass
Jak (the muscle-man) Thrasher: percussion

With Special Guests every week.

A relaxing way to start your weekend. The Rubbaboo Trio improvises on instrumental versions of music from jazz, to blues, to rock classics.

$3 cover for non-members