Autumn in Kingston Part Two Friday September 27

Reminder: “Autumn in Kingston” Part Two is happening this Friday, 27 September at the Musiikki Cafe (73 Brock Street).

The Kingston Jazz Society in collaboration with the Musiikki Cafe is offering a special mini-fest, “Autumn in Kingston”,  to honour a new season, but also to showcase a diverse group of Kingston-area musicians who perform in the many venues offering jazz, but are in this mini-fest being brought together to entertain us.

“ Autumn in Kingston” Part Two occurs on  Friday 27 September) at Musiikki Cafe.there’re two performance sets:

5-7 pm The Pilot Series that showcases Kingston area innovative instrumentalists, vocalists and percussionists.     

* (27 September) The exciting new Queen’s music student and saxophonist, Helena Hannibal, with an exciting band of Kingston area musicians. Helena’s recent performances with The Firebirds, the Monday Musiikki Jazz Band and the Twentieth Century Band at Montes have made her the talk of the jazz community. 

* Autumn in Kingston Part Two continues on Friday, 27 September with its Headliners series with a contemporary band that has entertained many Kingstonians with its straightahead mix of rhythm, melody and harmony.
       * (27 September  8-10.30 pm) The Peshtones. This quartet focuses on on improvising on standards and has enthralled Kingston area jazz audiences with its Chet Baker tribute and their improvisations on the 50’s/60’s Great American Songbook. The Peshtones feature Andy Pesz (drums), Joel Williams (guitar), James Wanamaker (sax) and Paul Clifford (bass). 

There will be special band appreciation jars and pay-what-you-can jars through which you can contribute to these artists and the Kingston Jazz Society.

Join these marvellous jazz artists at Musiikki Cafe for the Kingston Jazz Society’s mini-fest, “Autumn in Kingston”!