HomeGrown Live 2012: May 12 at the RCHA

HomeGrown Live 2012: Jazz at the RCHA

The Kingston Jazz Society is proud to be lending a hand to the Homegrown Live Music Festival once again.  As with last year, there will be a full afternoon and evening if live jazz.  We will again be on the 3rd floor of the RCHA Club.  (193 Ontario.)  This year, food will be available through The Pasta Shelf.

Be sure to check out their full schedule.  The jazz portion will be as follows:

The RCHA Club (193 Ontario Street) is Homegrown Live’s venue for Jazz. This year’s Jazz lineup is:

4:00 Spencer Evans westword fioricet
5:00 Rubbaboo
6:00 Sara Hamilton and David
7:00 Glenna Green
8:00 Downtown Trio
9:00 Blue Swing Quartet
10:00 Kingston Jazz Composers Collective
11:00 Mauricio Montecinos and Latin Fusion

This is the fourth year of the Homegrown Live Music Festival, which celebrates area talent for a jam-packed day of music.  All musicians graciously donate their time to the event.

As with last year, bracelets are $10, $5 with a donation of food.  All proceeds from the day go to Joe’s M.I.L.L. and the Partners in Mission Foodbank.  You can read more about the festival here.