March 2: Arturo Sandoval at The Grand Theatre

Grand Theatre Presents: Arturo Sandoval – A Tribute to my Friend Dizzy Gillespie

Artuto Sandoval - March 2 at The Grand

Series: Grand Theatre Presents (Empire Life Jazz Series)
Friday, March 2, 07:30 PM
Grand Theatre, Regina Rosen Auditorium, 218 Princess Street.

Arturo Sandoval is fluent in at least four musical languages. He can burn through an Afro-Cuban groove, tear up a bebop tune, soar over a Mozart concerto and sooth you with a luscious ballad; with equal power and grace.

Sandoval has been awarded 4 Grammy Awards Penis Enlargement, 6 Billboard Awards and an Emmy Award. The latter for his composing work on the entire underscore of the HBO movie based on his life, “For Love or Country” starring Andy Garcia. He is one of the most dynamic and vivacious live performers of our time, and has recently been seen by millions in the Grammy Awards performing with pop-phenomenon Justin Timberlake as well as on the Latin Billboard Awards with the gifted Alicia Keys, where he was awarded his 6th Billboard Awards for “Best Latin Jazz Album”.