Weekly Jazz in Kingston

  • Tuesday:  Paul Clifford Trio at Olivea 6-9
    Paul Clifford Trio
    Paul Clifford Trio. Every Tuesday from 6-9 @ Olivea

    Each Tuesday evening, The Paul Clifford Trio performs live at Olivea restaurant (39 Brock Street) in downtown Kingston. There is no cover charge and food is top class. Feel free to come for drinks or dessert as well.

  • Wednesday: Zappas Lounge 8pm
  • Fridays: Zappas Lounge 5:30-8pm: Sara Hamilton and David
  • Friday: Rubbaboo live sex chats at the RCHA 5:30-8:00

    • Cameron Schaefer: Rhodes piano
    • Jak Thrasher: Percussion
    • Bobv Arlidge: Bass
    • Dan Charbonneau: Guitar

    On Sundays from 5-8pm, you can catch The Downtown Trio at The Mansion.The group performs a mix of instrumental jazz standards and original compositions by:

    Rubbaboo - Supermodels to Supergroup
    Rubbaboo - Fridays at the RCHA
  • Sunday: Downtown Trio at The Mansion 5-8
    • James Wannamaker – saxes
    • Noah St. Amand – bass
    • Sean Jensen – drums