Michelle Kaz recording at Olivea April 27

Michelle Kaz - Recording Live at Olivea on April 27

Wednesday, April 27th
Live recording 6-9 at Olivea

39 Brock St. 613-547-5483 for reservations

As covered by Mark Bergin of The EMC, Michelle Kaz will be making a live recording of her next show this Wednesday, April 27th:

“When it swings, it’s so much fun,” she said. “It’s such a varied genre, because it can be performed as background music in a small, secluded setting, but it can also be so big, glamorous, exciting and energetic. Out of all the genres, people are at jazz performances because they want to listen to great music.”

“That’s one of the things I really like about jazz,” she said. “It’s very interactive for the musicians. You can venture outside of the strict melodies. It’s cool that you can play around with it. Every time, it’s different.”

During the past year Buy Levitra, she’s performed jazz at Alfie’s pub on the Queen’s campus on Monday nights. She’s also landed a bi-weekly gig at Olivea restaurant on Market Square. There’s a special session next Wednesday (April 27). Kaz will be recording her next CD live. After that, she’ll perform at Olivea on May 4 and every second Wednesday.

This week, Kaz is in the middle of preparation for that recording.

“I’m immersing myself in jazz,” she said. “I’m watching videos, surrounding myself with it. When we record, I want it to be raw, the real thing. We’ll try to make it very much what a live CD should be. You’ll be able to purchase the CD locally and online through the website”

Fellow band members for the recording will include Papaxanthos, Brock Ingrassia on bass and Sean Donaldson on drums.

– Excerpt from Mark Bergin, EMC

Congratulations and best of luck to Michelle with her upcoming recording!