Sept. 25: Greg Runions big band with Quinsin Nachof and Tim Hagans

New York Musicians Set to Collaborate with Local Big Band

Greg Runions big band with Quinsin Nachof and Tim Hagans
Saturday, September 25th 7 pm
Octave Theatre, 711 Dalton Avenue

Doors open at 6:30, concert at 7pm

$20.00 adult, $15.00 students and seniors, available at the door

New York based jazz musicians Quinsin Nachoff and Tim Hagans will be visiting Kingston at the end of September to collaborate with local musician Greg Runions and his big band.

This project is a concert production of new works for big band created by Greg Runions and Quinsin Nachof plus previously written works by Dave Barton, John MacLeod and Tim Hagans. The new works include a major work commissioned by the Greg Runions Big Band that will be composed by Quinsin Nachoff for this particular ensemble plus three of his cam4 female works that have been arranged by band members Dave Barton, Taylor Donaldson and Greg Runions. The new works will be created over the summer of 2010, rehearsed during August/September of 2010 and presented in Kingston by the Greg Runions Big Band on Saturday, September 25th, 2010 at the Octave Theatre on Dalton Ave.

For this performance the ensemble will be joined by Nachof, a Canadian tenor saxophonist and composer now living in New York , and internationally renown American trumpeter Tim Hagans, also a New York musician. In addition to these exceptional soloists the band will include saxophonists Mark Promane, Alex Dean, brass players Matt MacLean, Blair Yarranton, John McLeod, William Carn, Kelsley Grant, rhythm players Ted Warren, Adrean Farrugia, Arthur Roth plus Kingston’s own Chris Alfano, Janet MacRae, Taylor Donaldson, Dave Barton and Greg Runions.