HomeGrown Highlight: Inside Out

The Kingston Jazz Society will be highlighting many of the outstanding local acts that will be performing as a part of next Saturday’s HomeGrown Live. The tunes kick off at 3pm at Monte’s. We hope to see you there!


Spotlight on Inside Out

Inside Out is the brainchild of Benji Perosin (trumpet) and Jonathan Stewart (saxophones), with Mike Perlin (bass) and Rob Radford (drums). Originally the band wanted to examine the line between the melodic “straight-ahead” music of Duke Ellington and others and trace it’s evolution through to the freer music of musicians like Ornette Coleman and Dewey Redman. While these elements are still there, the group now incorporates original music that does not necessarily come from those roots. The chord-less format of the band allows the horns much freedom in interpreting harmony and form, and there is much group improvisation.


Inside Out closes the jazz venue of HomeGrown Live at 11pm on Saturday.